Thursday, October 7, 2010

BNN series Stock & Awe mixes comedy and business

At a recent wedding, the first thing I noticed about Hilary Doyle was her unique way of wearing a locket. I knew this was someone of great interest.

Even more interesting were Hilary's sparkling tights and Vivienne Westwood plastic shoes that apparently smell like cherries. This made this vivacious "character" even more charming in my eyes. I never did get around to actually smelling the shoes.

Put it all together and you've got Hilary Doyle.

Hilary's newest venture airs tonight on the Business News Network. Not something that I would ordinarily watch, but Hilary is no ordinary woman. From a recent article in The Toronto Star:

As the co-creator and star, the 33-year-old Doyle says much of the storyline was modelled on her own experiences, describing the thin narrative as “life thinly veiled as art.”

“I spent a year living in New York on a lawn chair in a closet. In this series I sublet my apartment and I move into a storage container in order to save some money and get back on my feet,” notes Doyle, a Second City alum who studied theatre at Northwestern University, with a concentration in global business.

“I’ve never been terribly irresponsible with money — there have been periods of time where I’ve had money, there’ve been periods of time where I haven’t had money —but it never really occurred to me prior to working on this project to invest that money. I thought that investing was for the people who were my parents’ age.

“We have been socialized to believe that this art that is investing and the stock markets is actually a science and it’s not. The way that you can navigate this art, if you want to call it that, is to really arm yourself with all of the information you can find. So we’ve set out to hit every financial journalist we could talk to, every money manager we could talk to, every hedge fund manager, every mutual fund manager, we’ve spoken to university professors, we’ve talked to everyone who would talk to us in order to get the most broad and unbiased set of pieces of information.”

Stock & Awe debuts Thursday on BNN and repeats Saturday on CTV.

"Stalking" Hilary Doyle on her way to being the Mistress of Ceremonies at the wedding, where she totally charmed and delighted the guests with her incredible wit and beautiful spirit. We wish her well tonight.

Credits: Toronto Star
Photos: My own


  1. Ma Soeur,
    We will no doubt be in awe this evening as we watch Hillary in this novel approach to educating people of all ages about the topic of investing. She certainly captured people's interest at that recent wedding, and will surely do so tonight as well.

  2. Leslie, you are a true treasure. It was a delight meeting you. And this is one spectacular surprise. Thank you.

  3. What a great post Leslie!

    Wasn't Episode One of "Stock & Awe" fantastic?!

  4. The Professor was really concerned about the price of those shoes Hilary!:)