Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm Green Tea

Today I was coming to terms with clearing off the cluttered dresser top. Like most other things in the house, it ends up getting "left" as is, until there is a crisis, or guests arriving. When I was in Paris I collected wonderful soaps, wrapped in colourful papers. Now the problem. Do I use them, or just whiff and gaze at them?

The Roger & Gallet site (click to link) has an interesting quiz, based on twelve questions to see which fragrance you'd be suited to. I'm delighted that I'm Green Tea. Seems as though I don't have that particular scent. Guess I'll have to go back to Paris!
In the meantime, I'm going to break all the rules of saving things for "good" and unwrap the "Ginger".

If one is very, very careful, the seal can be removed, the folds slightly parted, the soap removed...all without destroying the shape of the original packaging. A slight bit of soap chip scatters the bottom and the wonderful purple wrap remains as a reminder..Ginger...Paris....

Oh Luxury!


  1. Unfortunately, I turned out to be Rose. I hate the scent of rose. Another failed quiz...

  2. Why oh why do we do this to ourselves? We buy lovely things and then never use them because they're too "good" ... I do it too. Often. Does this mean I am telling myself I am not deserving of enjoying the beautiful things I have? I hope not. You have motivated me today! I am going to USE something -- today! -- I have been saving! Um, I don't know what, but inspired by your unwrapping of the ginger soap, I am going to find something to open/use/eat that I have been "saving". Wish me luck...but first I am off to take that quiz!

    (My word verification is "togstl"; heavens, I think this means I am supposed to go to St. Louis! I've never been, I hear they have good bbq there.........)

  3. Me Again is right on the money...please treat yourself, and enjoy those lovely soaps. No doubt the scent is, lather up and have some good clean fun!


  4. Sharon, I went back and did mine again and I too came out rose...obviously I was in a different mood than yesterday. The Ginger soap made me sneeze!

  5. I'm Green Tea and also Bamboo. Stereotyping??

    Lauren A.

  6. I'm green tea today as well. Who knows what fragrance I'll be tomorrow !!!