Friday, October 8, 2010

Something worth listening to

We're on a roll here. Now that our citizenship woes are public, we've had many people alerting us to the various media reports in circulation. CBC radio "The Current" with Anna Marie Tremonti had a segment on "Chloe", who happens also to live in Brussels, and points out how very egregious this Canadian citizenship law is. We feel somewhat fortunate that our granddaughter "Zoë" is not stateless, but again, it reveals the inequity of this piece of legislation.

" All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope. "
Alexandre Dumas

This is a really interesting audio interview on CBC Radio - Citizens of Nowhere that hopefully you can link to. After listening to Ms. Girard, Director of Legislation and Program Policy at Citizenship and Immigration Canada, I was pretty frustrated. To be fair she is a government employee and can only cite the law, or suffer the consequences. It's interesting that NO ONE in the Conservative party will speak to ANYONE about this. Aren't they governing ALL Canadians? We are more determined than ever now to change this law for the better.

Our local Conservative Member of Parliament, Bob Dechert has ignored all of our correspondence. Our Liberal Candidate, Omar Alghabra has already contacted us and we're having coffee next week.

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