Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ina does it again

Thanks for the tip Jill! I got my copy at Costco today. The Red Velvet cupcake recipe does look great! :)


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  2. My first comment wasn't clear.

    We also bought the book at Costco and today at lunch I had the red velvet cupcake (someone else made from Ina's book) was FABU!!

  3. I heart Ina. Completely.

    And it's red velvet blog day! I too tackled this delicious subject today.

  4. Okay you two! You're EATING the Red Velvet already!!!???

    You'd better have saved me some. They do freeze well:)

  5. Ma Soeur,
    Thank you for the heads up regarding this cookbook. I will pick it up and make my favourite daughter-in-law one of her favourite treats...the red velvet cupcakes!