Saturday, November 27, 2010

To have experienced and survived Black Friday in the USA is quite an accomplishment. For some, who made out as names here [LJF],-it was a joyous occasion.

After the mid-day Thanksgiving meal on Thursday, there was some talk about going to the shops as early as 4 or 5 a.m. when they were schedule to open for the biggest shopping event of the year. The conversation escalated to hysterical fun when it was discovered that some outlet malls were going to open at midnight. It didn't seem to matter that said malls were located an hour or so away, it only made the burgeoning adventure even more madcap.

Sooooo-guess who ventured out at 11 p.m. on Thanksgiving night to make a run to Leesburg Outlets! PRIME Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Cole Hahn, Le Creuset, Carter's, Burberry, Coach, Talbots.....yes, the best of the best. Harry and David didn't have chocolate Grahams.

Upon our highway approach, there was a bit of a discussion as to whether or not this was going to be a good decision or not. Let me just interject and explain that there is NO GPS system known to anyone that could possibly keep up with the road construction surrounding Washington DC. It didn't make any difference how much we castigated "Lola", she just couldn't cope with the restructuring, which made for some fairly dicey manoeuvres on the very crowded roadway. Picture the car with two grey haired "older" type women, one hugely pregnant younger woman and one curly topped navigator who was trying her best to keep the car on the road:)

The mall surrounds said it all. People were parked on the grassy outskirts, in ditches - well, that was because they were "Youtes" who thought they might be smart and park in a swamp!:). There was double, triple and quadruple parking everywhere and swarms of people. It is MIDNIGHT. The crowds keep coming and we decide that we're already here, we may as well just try commando tactics. We parked in a dicey area and hoped that our pregnant passenger might engender some sympathy at towing time.

I tell you, it's a phenomenon that I've never seen the likes of. We were glad we had done it, and there was even a little talk about it becoming a yearly tradition, but I think that fizzled out a bit as we tried to navigate our way home around 5 a.m. The rule has to be that if you can get there, you also have to get home as the excitement quiets, and the body clock finally realizes what is going on. It helps to sing and be elated at all the good deals you get!


  1. What an absolute riot!!! Such a memorable adventure to have, mall shopping in the wee hours with thousands of others. FANTASTIC!
    (My word verification is "oquah" ... is this like Oprah's Favorite Things.....?)

  2. So, what did you buy already!! Wish I was along for the ride. I love madcap.

  3. Oh, I am so jealous! I would have loved that experience.

  4. We did have an extraordinary ball. In our case it was well named Black Friday because there was definitely no sun involved. At one moment my daughter said to me as we stood in line...'a minute ago I thought it was odd that I was feeling a bit tired until I reminded myself that it was 4am.'

    It's so true. We were so lost in the moment that every once-in-awhile it would hit each one of us that the deals and laughs were great but the time was way off! A new concept of daylight savings.

  5. You drove all that way late at night, fought your way through the crowds, and there were no chocolate grahams. Good Grief! It sounds like you had a blast, and I hope you found lots of good stuff.

  6. How decadent and a great outlandish way to celebrate the Pilgrims!!!!

    tante d

  7. Ma Soeur,
    You are usually up hooting with the owls most nights anyhow, so you might as well shop when you are in your prime!

  8. Such madness! I do believe your friend Helen has you pegged, my dear.