Monday, November 15, 2010

The Warhol Influence

Still playing in Pittsburgh

iphone app


  1. Now this is a colorful crowd!! I'm so glad it was a great trip with super traveling companions.

  2. It's iPhone time! Love the Warhol homage, very cool indeed.
    My word verification is "toethe" ... toe the line? No rule breaking today?

  3. Coolio! The one of you is my fave!

  4. This year, for Christmas gifts to parents, I'm having the kids in my class make Warhol-inspired portraits! I'm going to take their pictures and then print them, high contrast, and we will glue them to canvas and then they will paint over them! I'll show them yours as an inspiration, okay>?
    (My word verification is "dishe" -- so I'm dishing....)

  5. What a cute idea Martha! I'm excited that you could find something educational in this madness!! If it were me I'd be showing them Marilyn Monroe, but perhaps they're a little young for that one :) Great idea Mrs. Brown. I wish I was in your class.