Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm feeling.....

I'm feeling like I'm reverting a bit. Reverting to the "olden days". Despite the fact that The Professor and I are empty nesters, the gym ladies made crock pot cooking sound so wonderful, that I am reverting to the days when I had everyone around the table, every night.

Couldn't resist the new digital version at Costco. Tonight we are having fall-off-the-bone spareribs. They are in there now, doing their magic! I'm hopeful that I can use this over the Christmas holidays when the house is full and the kitchen so small. Now I have to find new/old recipes!


  1. I've been so tempted to do the same. Then I remembered I don't do the cooking....

    What time is dinner?

  2. This is just TOO weird. I was going to do a blog post about how the captain and I are empty nesters but I made this wonderful pot roast dinner with enough food to feed an entire family........

    Are you reading my mind?? I'm beginning to think so.

    Anyway, I made brisket last night, with mashed butternut squash and boiled new potatoes and baked beans. Enough to feed a boatload. It was all delicious. I'm sure YOUR empty-nester dinner will be too!

  3. Here's to the crock pot (well, slow coooker)! While I know you have plenty of taste-tempting recipes of your own, I just went to, where they have lots of good-looking recipes.


  4. I once had a crock pot but gave it away because everything had the same undertaste. I then opted for one of those German pots that have to be soaked prior to cooking. I forget the name - something topf. It exploded in the oven. What a mess. I no longer cook.

  5. I saw Jerry Seinfeld's wife on oprah...she promotes healthy eating for kids...she did a lasgna in the crockpot...looked yummy...I still just do stew and chili,the old standbys...hope your ribs were deelish!!
    linda k

  6. I love my crock pot. It is great for soup and stew as well. It is nice to put it on and just forget it. Have the first book by Jerry Seinfeld's wife and the 2nd one is at Costco. Linda they are unique and make great Christmas gifts.

  7. Okay, I'm sold. The ribs really did fall off the bone, and they are delish. I just cut them into two bone pieces and used my favourite barbecue sauce. Six hours later and Yummenah...
    The only problem is that as they cook all day releasing their tantalizing aroma, and you are in the house, well, let's just say this isn't diet food anyway!

    I looked up Jessica Seinfeld's crock pot lasagna Linda...I'll try that one too. Thanks for all the tips folks.

    The newest version has a stoneware interior which is really easy to clean and a hinged lid. They have certainly made good improvements since the 70's!

  8. I love my crock pot, I use it often. My family loves the pulled pork, but I love the spaghetti and meat sauce/ and honey chicken wings.

  9. "They have certainly made good improvements since the 70's!"

    I absolutely agree....until I look in the mirror!