Monday, December 6, 2010

Watching the time

While wandering around Ellicott City, Maryland, I spied Father Christmas checking on the time....not a minute to waste these days!

He really was a sweet guy just waiting in front of the toy store for all the little boys and girls.

This one little girl in particular was not quite so sure about her encounter with the jolly old elf. She was chattering away to herself, finger in place and NOT going to let go of mommies skirts, no matter who he was!


  1. I am so NOT ready for Christmas this year! So much to do!!

    (My word verification is tatockli, which to me is the tick-tock tick-tock of the Christmas countown clock!)

  2. That's too cute. She's holding on for dear life!

  3. Leslie, what a fabulous picture of Santa, the mom and the little girl. One of these days I hope you publish a book a photos. I'd love that!

  4. What a darling picture. What luck that we had such a 'picture perfect' day. The rest was up to you and your subjects. Each of you was in excellent form!