Sunday, January 9, 2011

Great Satisfaction

The annual Christmas Jigsaw puzzle was finished last night. The Professor's persistence really pays off when my interest wanes around the hard parts!

This is another Pauline Paquin 1000 pieces called "Playtime". It was very tricky, but we do love puttering over the yearly pick. I think this was actually last year's choice, never did have time what with all the travel.

The world around us today is similar to this picture. The kids are sliding noisily down the hill over in the park, and everyone is tuqued (in Canada we wear tuques! - see photo!) and mittened against the sunny chill. I remember playing outdoors as a kid in Ottawa and coming in totally exhausted, snowsuit soaked after a day tobogganing. We also skated at the local rink. The boys played hockey inside the boarded area, while the girls tried to lure admiring glances as they skated their figures around the perimeter track. There was the occasional stealing of a hat and a mad squeeling dash to retrieve, or a crack-the-whip that inevitably sent someone flying into a snowbank.

There is nothing quite like a good jigsaw on a sunny, snowy afternoon to bring back a flood of memories.


  1. Unfortunately my brain isn't wired for puzzles. I'm an on-looker. Same with skating. I used to pretend I was skating but I could never stop without sitting down on the ice. But I persevered since I was madly in love with Ewan Murison who went to Woodroffe High and who was always at my neighbourhood rink, The only winter sport I was good at was snowshoeing. I used to go to the River Pkwy to find some pristine stretch of snow - maybe a few bird footprints- to leave my own impression of the day.

  2. I had never been on a toboggan in my life until we moved from Vancouver to Ottawa. I so looked forward to my first experience but, unfortunately, I really disliked the whole outing. I am just not a winter person.

    Now, puzzles.....puzzles I enjoy very much. I especially like puzzles that are complicated and/or have many pieces. Yours looks like it was a great one!

  3. Besides dear old Chautauqua Lake and a few ponds my winter was spent at "Iceland" the popular rink where there was a cabin complete with woodstove as well as fireplace, hot cocoa, wonderful music (you could make requests for that special person...and then skate for the time it took before 'your song' finally was played,.. I used to stilt skate with a guy who had obviously been some star because he would hold me by the blades and twirl me around and know just how to bring me to a fab landing where my balance was ensured. I remember skating with my brother and then David Peterson and Jimmy Barr and Bob Smith and Chuckie Quackenbush and John Bartholomew and......

    Oh what fun memories. And yes, toboggans and sleighs and sleds and flying saucers and.....

  4. It sounds like your childhood in Ottawa was much like mine in Sudbury. I remember liking the winter a lot more then...not so much now. Perfect weather for jigsaw puzzles, knitting, or jewellery making.

  5. Leslie Great job. My dining room table is now holding a puzzle too. It is supposed to be good for our brains. That one is great and does evoke lots of memories.

  6. For some reason my name didn't come through but it is me Linda H