Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm addicted

The good thing about having a kid that's a computer game designer is that he knows lots and lots of good games, especially if the same kid happens to have an iPhone.

I learned so much about my phone just having this kid at home for Christmas.

Only one bad thing about it....more apps, and in particular...ANGRY BIRDS!!! I can't stop! I'm a sucker for shooting games...shooting ducks in "Duck Hunter" is also a good one.

I can so see how kids get hooked on these games. Perhaps it's not proper decorum for a grandmother to be blasting birds at mean pigs, but their little expressions of defeat and head knocking totally amuse me. Not so much the Professor who always wants the sound turned down. NO...that's part of the fun!!!

Warning! This app may be dangerous to your health. It has been known to keep people up half the night :) Those pesky pigs in helmets!!!


  1. Well I have Angry Birds on my iPad and am just as addicted....to that and Cut the Rope and Words with Friends and........

  2. i hope you and zoe are having a great visit!!!

  3. First it's Angry Birds, then you'll be buying a Wii, next thing you know you're living in your dark basement, surving off Cheetos and addicted to World of Warcraft. It's a slippery slope!
    PS. I'm glad you guys never really gave me a hard time about playing too many video games. Thank you!