Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keeping up with the times

Once upon a time, I had a collection of bells. Hand held bells. The type one uses to summon "staff", a butler's bell. I'm not quite sure how it all started, but it became quite the performance in our house when the kids were young.

I could ring the bell on a weekend morning and The Professor would steam up the stairs to find out what attention was being summoned. Our kids soon recognized that it generally meant "Service"...of the culinary kind. It went as far as picking up freshly baked croissants from a neighbouring town. Once the tradition had been set, the bell rang and four little feet hit the floor running wildly in order to launch themselves into my bed just in time to place their own "orders". It only lasted until the teenaged years, and occasionally, one sleepyhead or another would bark out from under a pillow that they'd also like the treats, but were unwilling to move just yet.

The Professor never faltered. He always answered the bell and friends, in an effort to keep the hilarity alive, even contributed to my collection. Nowadays, the bells collect dust and The Professor may or may not hear any entreaty, let alone a little china clapper.

I was reminded of my bell-ringing days by my friend Helen who recently broke her ankle. She has now resorted to using her cell phone to call down several flights for assistance. I never thought of this, but you can be sure I'll be giving it a try. Now that I know how to text, my bell will be the Clarabell version.

Keeping up with the times!


  1. Love the story but do remember one conversation about someone you told me about (who shall remain nameless) that while in the bath used a phone to call to her husband to get soap....

    I love you......

  2. Ma Soeur,
    It's a good thing I didn't break my neck as I can see that you need me around to keep you up to date on the latest uses of modern technology!

  3. Too funny, last week Zoe called downstairs from her cell while in bed to ask if we could turn the TV down... Efficient or lazy..?

  4. My fave is an old hotel bell. ding!

  5. Helen's comment about keeping you up to date on the latest technology reminds me of how Susy and I now go shopping. Susy has a list, and from the list, gives me a few items to pick up while she carries on with the main list. While this works fine, we've discovered that the easiest way for me to find her is to call her cell phone and ask "what isle are you in". Lately, I've noticed that at least half the people in the store are having the exact same conversation. How did we ever find each other before cell phones?

  6. Are you watching "Downton Abbey" - watching it now, a Masterpiece Theatre series. I can well imagine you summoning the staff downstairs for someone to lay a fire in the morning room...


  7. Elliot, I'm sure we are all on the cell asking where each of us is. It's so much easier than doing the end run looking up each isle only to discover the other one is going the other direction and we unwittingly pass each other during opposite isle ends. That was SO frustrating. Now it's only frustrating when your partner can't hear the phone!