Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Masterpiece

We now have a new t.v. in the basement. It is our "movie" t.v. and sometimes just a cozy place to end up on a snowy evening. I had been alerted to a new Masterpiece Theatre production by a friend, and remembered that I had indeed taped the upcoming series on the set downstairs.

To my delight, on a dark winter night, on came "Downton Abbey". I'm amassing my collection of butler's bells for sure. I think I actually lived in this era, not likely upstairs, but I would have aspired to.

The Masterpiece Theatre website is worth a look. It has such wonderful programming. I think I'll take a bit of knitting down to the theatre space and hibernate until spring.


  1. Have you seen this her in the movie "keeping mum"? Rent it, it is so funny!

  2. Thanks Karen. I have just put this one on my "" list. Since it is Sunday morning and my word verification says "hymoryok"...would that be hymn or joke? A little of both seems in order :)

  3. hey leslie:
    greg and I watched this tonight
    enjoyed it very much
    imagine having someone to dress and undress you!!
    see you soon

    linda k from florida

  4. Simply no doubt in my mind that, in a former life, you were the mistress of a great house. While you naturally would have had staff to attend to certain aspects, the overall tone and style of the management of such a home would have been a breeze in your delicate little hands. Dame Maggie is quite superb, a formidable sort! Must check out that website - lots of plot twists and turns await, methinks...

  5. You were definitely upstairs and definity Cora! (I'm thinking of being cryogenically frozen until Downton starts up again ...I mean, what will the show do without me?)