Thursday, February 17, 2011

Are you young enough

The best part of going to a pub on a school night is to learn what young people are listening to. Actually, the wings and rancher fries are not too shabby either:) One night after ballroom dance class, we ended up in our "local" where a young woman had fired up the very new, modern juke box, and this catchy song came on. I "trapped" it with the Shazam App on my iPhone.

Days later at the Grammys who should appear in the tribute to Aretha, but Florence. The video is wild, as is the chorus. I would never have known who in the world "Florence + The Machine" were, had it not been for half price wings on Tuesday!

There is tremendous bass on this recording if you have anything other than computer speakers, a driving rhythm. Makes you feel young, especially if you dance like Florence!


  1. I guess I'm not young enough. :-)

    I liked the wings and fries but the jukebox just got in the way of conversation.

    Your Beatles songs are much better. How come you never blog about the Hollies or the Bee Gees?

  2. Does the Prof. like Buddy Holly, also - trivia: I was friends w/the Holley (orig. spelling) growing up in Lubbock, and in HS chorus w/his niece (whom he never knew, he died in'59). Sang in her wedding. she was a delight.


  3. I'm with you,larry!!!


  4. Ms. Moran is always my go-to person for the newest tunes. And Florence (and her Machine) was new to me. Still doesn't beat Lady Antebellum though.

  5. She is one of Zoë's favourites, we listen to this song everytime we eat...