Thursday, February 3, 2011

Canadians and the Weather

It's all we Canadians talk about these days. In southern Ontario, we have just come through what was supposed to have been an apocalyptic snow storm and it's all a bit laughable really. We got a not very unusual snowy day yesterday and lots and lots of happy kids did not have to go to school!

Prompted by an email today(Elaine), I remembered how one night last week, The Professor and I found this Rick Mercer clip particularly funny. I have always wondered why in the world green screen technology was invented or even necessary. Watch all the way to the end, and I promise, you will never view a weather report the same way again.

The Weather Network station is right around the corner from us, so this report is close to home, so to speak.

I still don't understand the reason for the green. I much prefer CNN's version where you can interact with the huge screen and zoom in and out. Probably has something to do with CBC dollars! Canadian eh!


  1. I don't think anyone is as funny as Rick Mercer. Just love him even doing weather. Actually, all the original cast of 22 Minutes were special. I miss them...

  2. Very cute. What is it about people and weather stations. My office has 3 floor to ceiling windows and I will check the weather station to see what is coming. They should be calling me!

  3. I'm glad I inspired you. Rick Mercer puts "the weather" into the right perspective!!!
    You just have to laugh about it!!!


  4. I loved this clip because there were so so many funny bits. Recently I infuriated a member of my family by calling the weather report a snow opera. Pretty soon each flake of snow will have its own bio. (Hmmmm employment opportunity for me perhaps?)