Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day two

Wednesday's class is my favourite. We do an interval training session. Aerobics, followed by weights - then back to aerobics...etc. you get the routine. The front row in the pictured class is not unlike the front row in my class! We even have one "boy" in our Wednesday performance. Keith is a good singer too :)

My fitness instructor has a few of us fessing up to our daily intake on

It's a pretty neat site and today I earned an EXTROVERT BADGE for having three friends! I also won a free coffee at Tim Horton's. Perhaps there is luck in working out??

Today was beach music and most of the front row sang along with the lyrics. If you really are on the beach sweatin' it out (Lennie)...I hope you are singing LOUDLY because it's still frickin' freezing here!

Tomorrow is step class. I hear from good sources that Devon has plenty of "squats" planned. That's the other word I cringe at.... SQUATS :)


  1. Um, yes, we're sweating here. And yesterday morning there was an exercise class right on the beach directly in front of us. No, I did not run down to join them. But everytime I sit here and sing I think of you.
    I also thought of you today when I found the mango vodka in the local liquor store. The mangotini (was that what it was called?) is officially my drink of the year!

  2. I should clarify...........the captain found the vodka, I did not. I think he can find anything :-)

  3. which one am I???
    the one in the pink shirt???
    see you at step!


  4. Yes Linda, you can be the one in the pink shirt. I think that would make me the one behind you in the black? LENNIE! Do you know how many calories are in the Mangotini???

  5. Great blog entry as always. Am I in that picture?

    My word verification - hykin. That must mean there is hiking in your future!


  6. Dev, you had to be TAKING that picture n'est pas? :)