Sunday, February 27, 2011

The more you go out....

Happened again yesterday. This proves that the more you go out, the more you learn. While enjoying a sumptuous brunch, I heard this song and immediately "tagged" it with my iPhone. Turns out it's Lucinda Williams. "Out of Touch". Guess who's coming to Toronto, Massey Hall, March 4 & 5. This was written up in The Toronto Star as a HOT TICKET!!! Another of those pat attention moments - remember Florence?? Who by the way will be at the Academy Awards tonight.

Brunch is now officially my favourite meal. Especially when it's late/early enough to involve several martini-ish cocktails. We saw the Canadian entry for best Foreign Film of the year..."Incendies". Very difficult to watch, but also very profound. We will be watching the Academy Awards tonight with much interest.

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  1. I'm a month behind in my blog reading :) I meant to see Incendies this weekend -- but I got myself up to date with Dexter instead (while knitting :)And danced around to Florence and the Machine. I listen to The Edge -- so I (kind of) keep up to date with some music.