Saturday, February 12, 2011

There's no place like this

I'm finding this winter a really difficult one. It's not snowier or colder than usual, it's not darker or icier than years past. I don't know, it's just weird, perhaps it's age???

This song keeps coming on the t.v. and it makes it slightly better because I love the melody and it makes it all look so romantic to live in Ontario. I do appreciate the change of seasons.

The singer, Alex J. Robinson is a twenty something female country music singer/songwriter born in Sudbury, Ontario. That probably accounts for her liking winter. She is apparently now residing in Mississauga - maybe that's why she looks so familiar. As for those young gals hopping from the Sauna to the hot pool...I think that's in Collingwood, Ont. at a very swanky resort nearby a friend's condo. I would be hard pressed to do this in summer let alone winter, mostly because it involves bathing suits.

I hate cold and I hate combination, not a good passenger on the Titanic!


  1. Winter? Humbug!
    Have a look at this:

  2. where have I heard these infamous words before???? oh yeah....from you!!

    remember,you will be in the sun soon

    I have robins in my junipers eating the berries....sure sign of better things to come.... are not ALONE


  3. I've always liked that catchy tune as well. One of the water scenes reminds me of your kids and ours at Sandbanks many years ago. If you remember that particular weekend, you will warm up nicely.