Sunday, February 6, 2011

When Bangs Get in Your Eyes, there is only one thing to do

The title of the Globe and Mail article is "Bangs Get in Your Eyes"

Here we see a new trend, which my granddaughter also seemed to be following up until last week. As you scroll down, you'll see the look with the Hollywood set.

Sandra Bullock

Taylor Swift

Naomi Campbell

Erin Fetherston

Getting closer!

Then we get to the retro Amélie styling

And THIS is Zoë!

The story goes that the bangs were just too difficult to keep pinning up. Babies tend to eat barrettes. Daddy says that the first cut was crooked because Mummy was holding Zoë the wrong way. The bangs kept getting a little shorter until the perfect Amélie look was achieved. Bangs in the eyes are the last thing you need when you're also working on an upper plate of teeth. 1 - 2- 3 - 4!!!

Photo Credits: Getty Images Globe and Mail, Internet,and Zoë's maman


  1. she is EVEN cuter(if that is possible) with the bangs

    I always had bangs...still do!


  2. I love bangs. Could never have them since I'm cross-eyed and bangs require perfect facial symmetry. Zoe's version is perfect. I love the Amelie look.

  3. I too love bangs. All great pictures but of course Zoë's is the best!

  4. I love bangs too! I hope they kept that lock of hair. My dad cut Leanna's first bangs because he couldn't stand how the hair fell into her eyes. Aaah such memories.

  5. I guess I am the only one thatr didn't like bangs when my hair was longf. It drove me crazy! It looks cute on Zoe though!

  6. I had to laugh as I thought of cutting those bangs. I recall how the hair would move to the opposite direction as I attacked it with kitchen shears. I remember cutting Lori's hair for the first time just after we moved here, and found it necessary to introduce myself to a local hairstylist very shortly after to repair the damage. Michael did an excellent job on sweet Zoë and the length is perfect!

  7. You did a bang up job on this post Leslie. I think Zoë's bangs had the most élan.

  8. Zoë could not look more perfect and from this vantage point the bangs look to be the right length. It's just hair, it will grow. I love this photo; especially the way the sunshine makes her hand look so translucent. Very sweet

  9. She is as cute as can be with her bangs.