Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Whole Lot of Empathy

My Metropolitan Museum of Art calendar has had very uninspiring images since the beginning of the year. Today, as I've been doing some needlework of late, when I flipped the page, I was totally empathetic with the subject. I need to do my close work in the light of day. I have plenty of Ott lights that make "real" light, but there is nothing like "the light of day".

Since I usually set myself up in my most comfortable clothing when doing fine work, read: expandable waist band, I felt a tinge of sorrow for this young woman who obviously has to stand to do her the light of day. You wouldn't be doing that fine work by candlelight either.

Tess recently wrote a poem about bustles, and I love all of her work, so it made me go back and refer to "Does this make my butt look big?"

Willow's Poem

I think this proves my point that they didn't sit around in those dresses. Thank goodness for emancipation!

Credit: Charles Francois Marchal .Penelope. 1868


  1. It's also hard doing needlework with bicycle helmet hair....even though I love it.

  2. I wouldn't mind tackling my needlework all the livelong day, but heavens.....give me a chair! Remember the proposed salon? We shall lounge around in the salon, doing our embroidery!