Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Younger Girl

Still on the musical theme...promise, this changes tomorrow - that's when the diet-in-earnest starts. This is just a totally appropriate song for today. Funny how the younger girls can remember mostly all of the words to "oldies". Some of the time they are muffled as they sing-along, but mostly they are annoyingly correct. You gotta love singing your lungs out with the other girls no matter how much "younger" they are :)

As for today, I'm lunching with my workout instructor, so as stated above, things is gonna' change tomorrow. Monday. Hoo Boy...there's a song about that too!


  1. When the melody starts, the words just flow........until certain older girls choose to disrupt the flow with intentional la-la-la's and occasional humming. All in all, though, I believe frequent sing-alongs are a hedge against memory loss!

  2. So we'll see you at the gym tomorrow??

    Lauren A.