Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Canada's Best

I'm working really hard these days to get back into shape after a spell of colds, and winter, and my love of cookies. Today, in my favourite class of the week, our instructor literally brought the class to it's knees with this song. It was part of the cool down music and we were meant to be on our knees, but this is SUCH a beautiful song it just impels one to reflect.

If you watch the video to the end, you'll see Leonard Cohen in the audience and his reaction to KD Lang singing his anthem. Mutual respect of the highest order.

Get comfortable. Get quiet. Take off your shoes and socks if you want the full experience, and let this perfect song wash over you. Hallelujah indeed.

Thanks Devon for the music, the laughter and the spring in my step.


  1. Oh, wow, that was spectacular. This song seems to have become ubiquitous with all manner of singers trying their own interpretation but NO ONE does it better than kd. What a voice. And what understanding of verse.

  2. Gorgeous rendition! Mesmerizing! Love the end with Leonard Cohen and kd thanking each other.
    You help energize my classes with your laughing presence. Namaste!


  3. As you know, this is one of my favourites and is an iPod/iPhone ESSENTIAL! I firmly believe kd's version is the BEST and thanks so much for sharing this wonderful video with all of us :-)

  4. Nobody sings it better than K.d.
    It always gives me peace and happiness to hear it.

    Perfect song to end an exercise class.


  5. It hard not to get emotional when you hear that song done in that amazing way.Thanks for sharing and thanks to dev or using it in the class.

  6. I had the thrill of listening to k.d. do it live. It gave me the chills and brought me to tears at the same time.
    Lauren A.

  7. This song moves me each and every time!

  8. I love kd -- but I actually prefer Leonard Cohen's version of this song. It's on my "funeral" playlist. Not that I'm planning on needing it soon....I just like to be totally prepared, and I don't want Ray playing just any old music... I update it all the time... so it's current to my life at any given time. Okay, maybe I'm a bit weird.

  9. I keep forgetting to thank you for this wonderful post. Also I wanted to add that I'm still making kd's vegetarian chili from a recipe published in The Star years ago.