Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Feel Good Movement

After seeing Karen Arts' blog post last night I was left in tears. It's so touching. To my many young friends who are living with and beating this thing...Go Girls! - You know I think you are AMAZING.

In memory of my Mum who died of colon cancer....I miss you every day.

As a tribute to Kim and all the AMAZING women I know, I am paying this video forward. It is Kim's wish to reach 1,000,000 views. It's a no brainer. I'm a fan of flash mob dancers and this is such an uplifting tribute as well as a great song.

Kim MacGregor organized this flash mob of 200 dancers to launch the "feel good" movement, "I Believe She's Amazing" in honor of her friend Erika Heller who passed away May 28th, 2009 at 31 yrs. old...this is her living legacy. The amazing choreographers and dancers pulled this together in just one-6 hr rehearsal the day before the shoot.
(The song is I Believe by Yolanda Adams, from the soundtrack to the movie Honey starring Jessica Alba.)

Karen, thank you for alerting all of us to this. It's wonderful, and we all hope your sister "feels good" with each new day.

I Believe She's Amazing!
"This site gives you the chance to say "I believe she's amazing" to all the moms, sisters, aunts, grandmas, teachers, daughters, wives and girlfriends who matter and who make you believe in yourself!"


  1. A fitting tribute to my sister who loved to dance.

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks Leslie we try to live each day and believe too. Great video.

  3. This video touched my heart too. What a lovely gesture.

  4. I am wiping away my tears. Beautiful!


  5. Rock on!!! Strong women everywhere inspire me.