Sunday, March 27, 2011

Isn't this interesting?

Thursday evening's episode of Grey's Anatomy had one of the characters undergoing a test for Alzheimer's disease. They started by explaining that the doctor would say three words, which they would later ask the patient to recall. "Truck, cabin, spoon". The next part of the test was to start counting backwards from 100 by seven. Question three was "where did you spend last Thanksgiving"? The entire show, under my breath, I'm reciting... truck,cabin,spoon,..truck,cabin,spoon. When the patient was counting backwards, I realized that being mathematically challenged, I've likely NEVER been able to do that, so how would I even know if she was saying the correct number?? Thanksgiving was a bit of a jumble, because I couldn't decide if it was the American one I'd spent in DC, or the Canadian one we spent with my aunt. I figured that I'd better fess up to this limitation right away. I've told the Professor that if I'm ever faced with the test, he's to explain that I never could remember anything, so what's the point - really?? He could not recall Thanksgiving - in any country!!

When I'm not reading those 20 some odd poetry books, I think I had best get at this one right away. I wonder if your brain has to be young to start with??

Truck, Cabin, Spoon!


  1. I didn't even remember WHEN thanksgiving was, let alone WHERE I was. Did you cheat by checking the calendar?

    Truck, cabin, spoon ....

    100, 93, 86, 79, 72 ...

  2. This is the test my mother gets every time she sees the Alzheimers doctor. Only the words to remember are 'apple, red, book'. And she never remembers. "No 'ifs ands or buts'". And there's drawing involved. Strangely, she can do that subtraction which I would have to do longhand on paper. Her math skills are still intact.

  3. Oh no, I stopped at 93????? Help Leslie HELP !!!!!!!

  4. I can do the math and I've now got truck/cabin/spoon down pat, but I'm with Larry on Thanksgiving. I know there was turkey for dinner.....but there always is so that's a bit of a cheat, I guess :-)