Friday, March 25, 2011

Let the Race begin

Today the Canadian House of Commons passed a non-confidence motion, defeating the ruling Conservative government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, for contempt of Parliament.

The motion, which was tabled by the Liberal Party and backed by the other two parties, Bloc Quebecois and New Democratic Party, was passed by a vote of 156 to 145, making the Harper government the first government defeated for being in contempt of Parliament in Canada's history.

Shortly, there will be an election. This is my Liberal candidate. When we had a citizenship issue for our granddaughter, Omar was the only politician who responded, and offered concrete assistance to our cause. Since our first meeting, we have come to know and respect Omar's efforts and integrity. He even has a great sense of humour :)


  1. Love the videos! Seems like a funny guy. I'm not keen on an election though. As if I had a choice...

  2. Oh, that first video is too cute. I don't know anything about my candidates 9or even who they are). I generally try to vote Green Party, but we'll see who's up this year :)