Friday, March 25, 2011

Maybe I'll have one of these

Yesterday, my idea of having 200 calories in 18 Cadbury Mini Eggs was nixed by the group. Devon said....Step away from the eggs!

Tim Hortons is now serving Real Fruit Smoothies.

A small 10-ounce smoothie contains one full serving of fruit and 130 calories. Available in mixed berry and strawberry banana, with the option to add yogurt for an additional 30 calories.

The smoothies cost $1.99. Adding vanilla yogurt costs 70 cents extra.

I'm posting this research prior to arriving at the coffee table, smoothie in hand, only to encounter the inevitable grilling of what it contains! There you go girls. Smoothie....chocolate eggs....smoothie.....chocolate eggs....perhaps I'll have to take up running!


  1. Good substitution, Leslie! You are so committed on your weight loss journey and it is wonderful to see!


  2. May be a smoothie and 1 mini egg?

  3. Forget the mini egg, go for a solid chocolate bunny, not the hollow one. Now that's a diet anyone could be proud of!