Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Now I'm in real trouble

I love burgers. Burgers are generally not good for diets.

First we ended up with a "Five Guys Burgers and Fries"...right down the road. One day The Professor just "happened" to find himself IN the store, claiming it was because he was at the video shop, next door, and just had to check it out, which was true, but he was IN the store ...ordering...did I want anything? They are GREAT! I had raved about this meal I had indulged in, in the US, made famous by President Obama, so we were delighted when the chain arrived in Mississauga of all places!

Now I see that A&W has added a GRANDMA burger to the family. For a long time there were Baby, Teen, Mama, Papa, Grandpa, and Uncle Burgers. A petition was actually circulating to get Grandma onto the roster. In my current role, I feel that was only fair! :)

It's prime rib, it comes with horseradish sauce. It's $3.99 plus tax, which means only a Grandma with a certain disposable income can afford it. The closest A&W is at a mall nearby. I may have to make a trip ...just to see. I can find NO nutritional information on how many calories are involved in this meal. It's probably not public for a very good reason. It will be the only meal I will be able to eat all day. Hope it's worth it. It's great to be a Grandma!


  1. found it!!! a whopping 800 calories,57 gr fat,115 gr cholesterol,910 gr sodium...WOW...a full day for sure...maybe if you walked to teh restaurant,walked home and had a nap,it would be well worth it!!!!! LSK

  2. Of course you know that 5 guys started just down the road in Arlington, VA in 1986. They remain true and the best.
    There are over 250,000 possible ways to order a burger at Five Guys.
    They use only fresh ground beef.
    There are no freezers in Five Guys locations, just coolers. Nothing is ever frozen.
    They use only Peanut oil.
    Their menu is trans-fat free.

    They always post exactly where their potatoes are grown...nothing is fresher.

  3. Oh...5 Guys...sooo good...sigh...have a peanut while ya wait...


  4. I love burgers. And I'm in real trouble, too, because I've found a new Graffiti Burger in my neighborhood. And they have the best milkshakes in the world. :P