Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I've put a new link in my sidebar for the royal wedding. I've been pacing myself, not wanting to get too hysterical before the big event.

A friend started off the mania by suggesting that a group of us travel up to her condo and spend a few days together, the culmination being celebrating the wedding together. Everyone was "in" immediately. It just so happens that April 29, is my daughter Jane's birthday, as well as our hostess', reason enough for celebration.

The wedding of Charles and Diana was celebrated by our family at an early morning - 5 hour difference - all-English breakfast. I was determined the kids would share in this historic event. They don't remember anything, including my best ever scones!

Now that the royal dress designer has been announced recant :), I think it's only fitting that we start into our elaborate plans for our own little event. It's always wise with this bunch to take a running leap at plans. A certain ongoing Kaffe Fassett inspired quilty-tablecloth comes to mind! Ahem.

Not unlike "Kate's" dress, our plans will likely only be revealed on the day of the wedding. I think I'll have to read all those bloggy-girls that I admire, who make the most imaginative things when they attend retreats.

All ideas welcome!

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  1. I was wondering if anyone is going to post the upcoming Royal Wedding. I remember getting up early or staying up late for it. It's certainly exciting. i don't have any ideas, but would love to hear about it when the day comes.

  2. Sounds like fun! BTW, I have a recent copy of "MAJESTY" that I need to send to you. I also have the "Country Life" from '81 that is 100% royal wedding - menus, fashion, you may examine it with kid gloves...


  3. We got up super early in the morning to watch Diana marry Charles. It was one of the few times that we were allowed to have the tv on at the cottage! My mom's best friend came from their cottage to watch too (they didn't have a tv). I LOVE royal weddings! I should have a party too.....

  4. I have been trying not to get too caught up in this BUT I am slowly but surely getting all worked up. I ♥ royal events!

  5. Is that a sapphire on Kate's finger? Isn't that what Diana's engagement ring was too? My engagement ring is a pink sapphire, which is why I think I know this particular bit of trivia. Is there a story behind the ring?

  6. Oh my darling daughter. You may be excused, just this once, on not keeping up on all things royal. That IS Diana's ring!!! It was bequeathed to William and he gave it to his Kate in remembrance of his Mother. I personally love the idea, others have mixed emotions about this ring.