Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meeting in Flanders

The big girls grew up in Mississauga, playing soccer together. They each married "foreigners" American and one Aussie. They now both reside in Europe. Jane and Michael (the American) live in Brussels, Belgium, and Kate and Mick (the Aussie) live in London, England. Now both 'women' have babies!! Zoë and Lucy. This is the first time the babies have met. They were attending a famous bike race in Belgium, and I understand that my granddaughter is a beast and Marcia's granddaughter is a polite little lady.

More video to follow is promised.

They were so lucky this year to have sunshine the entire weekend. This video is much more typical of the weather in any time of the year!! This is the bicycle course. I believe the Aussie did this route the day before! Bravo Mick.

"The Tour of Flanders (Dutch: Ronde van Vlaanderen, French: Tour des Flandres) is a Flanders Classics road cycling race held in Belgium every spring, a week before the Paris–Roubaix road race. It is part of the UCI World Tour and one of the so-called monuments of the European professional calendar. It is the most important cycling race in Flanders. Its nickname is Vlaanderens mooiste (Dutch for "Flanders' finest")."

See the screen behind the little family? They were situated where you could see the racers progress. Things really erupted when they did their split second pass-by.

Kate, Mick and Lucy Vance

It was so nice that the little families could hook up. Michael was delighted to be able to talk biking! I think he and Zoë plan to attend all the Tour de France races they can.


  1. What a fun post. Beautiful families, both.

  2. I think it's way more fun to be a beast than "a polite little lady." You go girl!

  3. What great photos of obviously very happy people.....and that red hair! Very cute :-)

  4. It's so nice to see their smiling faces all together. Kate loved seeing an old friend and hearing a "Canadian" accent. Wish we had been there too Leslie.