Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flanders Bike race...the sequel

The quick part of the race that they were attending is at the very end of the video. Meanwhile, this is what the girls were up to.

The most humourous moments, to me, in this little outtake are right at the beginning where Jane yanks Zoe into the picture. Little one looks a bit perturbed that she's being lined up. Then there is a lot of clapping, but the babies have flags in their hands, so they have to put the flags down, clap, and resume. Looking down drain grates, running away lots....because you can!...and finding and losing a blue dot to stand on. Just a few of my favourite things. Oh yes, the sweater Zoe has on....I knit that one.

In Jane's own words:
"Last weekend we met up with my friend Kate and her daughter Lucy to watch the Tour of Flanders bike race. Our big take-away from the event: Zoë is wild. Almost all the video of her is running away! Luckily the weather was beautiful and everyone had a great time. Michael was so happy to be able to see this race - he's been wanting to experience it for 3 years now!"

Busy girls!


  1. Very Very cute. Question of the day: did I move... or was it the dot??

  2. I love these videos, and that little pink number on the runaway girl is adorable. Next year Zoë and Lucy will be on bikes I suspect. How nice that the big and little girls connected. I can see Grandma Marcia's good looks in daughter Kate.

  3. The girls are so adorable and they looked so innocent. Such cutie pies!!! Also, Grandma did a fantastic job....Zoe's sweater is absolutely beautiful!!!

    N.B. Job well done on your 10 lb pledge too. Congratulations my friend, only 1 more to go! YAY!

  4. To quote from My Love: " Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". Wait, that's not a quote, it's her phone ringing. I'll buy Zoe the ringtone when she's ready.