Sunday, April 17, 2011


To all the YOUTS and my lawyer friends out there. This is one of my all-time favourite movies. "My Cousin Vinny". Not only is it totally hilarious and makes me say "Youts" every time, but it also has Ralph Macchio in it! Ralph is currently in DWTS - Dancing With The Stars, and I might add, doing pretty well! This video sets up the connection with 'youts''s worth all ten minutes, but if you must, advance it to the 9 minute mark.

I expect a few young lawyers I know will be particularly impressed with this entire court scene :)

If the scene you remember from "My Cousin Vinny" is "My Biological Clock is ticking"...then you can see it here. I hope this scene also resonates with those same young lawyers!:) Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei..a classic.

In this country we are facing an upcoming election. This is exactly the rant I had in the car the other day with The Professor. We both agree on this one


  1. A CLASSIC! Got a great laugh out of this...(and Marisa Tomei got an Oscar).

  2. According to the American Bar Association (see their website at, they rank My Cousin Vinny as the #3 Legal Movie of all time. #1 is To Kill a Mockingbird and #2 is 12 Angry Men. Incidentally, Inherit the Wind is only #5. Hey wait what is that ticking. Never mind, it's just Marisa Tomei's biological clock. What's wrong with the word youts anyway. I was once a yout on Long Guyland.