Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home again, Home again

If and when you ever get an opportunity to pick up and go to Washington DC, for heaven's it! The Professor had a meeting, so I jumped in his carry on and tagged along. Good friends put up with me for a few days, as I ate my way through the district.

You may as well start things off on a good foot and end up in a great grill.

You know it's a great grill with these door handles!

"Off-centered ales for off-centered people"

It's very obvious that we are definitely in the right place now!

The sign said
compelling ales and whatnot. I can tell you that the "whatnot" was a Whiskey Cake! I'm accepting all submissions of your favourite version. It was worth temporarily falling off the diet.


  1. Ah, screw the diet. You're on holiday. I have developed a passion for Starbucks' cake pops and I've managed to maintain my weight despite gorging on all 3 flavours at once.

  2. DC is on my must-visit list -- especially if I can have whiskey cake! Mmmmmm.......

  3. Leslie's visits always highlight our wonderful life here in DC. Leslie Jane I love you dearest soul mate.