Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Mr. Sun/SON Mr. Gordon son

The Boy in our family rarely gets much press. He's always been the shy one, preferring to fly under the radar. HOWEVER, from time to time, he has to be outed. He just ran in the annual Vancouver Sun Run April 17. The race is the largest 10km race in Canada. In his own words....
I did extremely well! The weather was perfect, I had a great run, and got a time of 45:12, which is a few minutes faster than my personal best. I placed 204th in my age category, and 1300th overall out of 50,000! Not too shabby for one of the biggest 10Ks in the world and only having trained for 2 months. Makes me wonder what I could achieve if I trained year round. I only got one crappy picture from my iphone at the start.

You have to see some of the pictures to understand how many people 50,000 represents.

So, now, can we find Gordon amongst these participants??? Let's play where's Gordo?



I sincerely hope not!

He has been known to dress like this, but....nope

This is not my son

It was a little hairy at the start with soo many people, but Jesse and I were able to weave through the crowds and find some open road after the first 2K. Jesse also crushed his personal best by 7 minutes to get a time of 51:00. It was very rewarding to see all our hard work over the last few months pay off. But I must say, I'm looking forward to not having to run 5 days a week anymore.

So, here's a little Raffi song that we used to sing when he was a little boy. We changed the words from Mr. Golden Sun, to "Mr. Gordon son".

He's still our sunshine. Bravo son. You're a RUNNER!!! :)

Photo Credits: Vancouver Sun


  1. Bravo to your Mr Sun and bravo to you too Leslie...... -10 lb achieved week 9! Way to go my friend :)

  2. It seems accolades are necessary for both Mother and Son. Yahoo!

  3. Congratulations to Gordon for this accomplishment - no small feat, indeed! Also to Leslie, it seems we are seeing less of her these days, as it were. Keep up the good work, you serve as good examples to us!

  4. Very good time!! Running with all those people must have been awesome! Hey, why don't we all train for it and go out next year? I am serious!


  5. good for gordon...comes from good stock,that young man!!

  6. Congratulations to "Mr. Gordon Son". I certainly thought he looked in wonderful shape for a run when I saw him recently. I also love your musical selection as I was singing it to our "Mr. Grand Son" while in Vancouver recently. I hope there was indeed sun for Mr. Gordon Son's first Sun Run.

  7. I'll have to Skype Gord to congratulate him. I hear he now has access to this modern method of communicating. Or as he describes it: "Now I have to brush my hair before I call someone".