Friday, April 1, 2011

The Power of a little badge

You have no idea how "earning a badge" can still make one feel good! It's such a retro-feeling, like when you were in Brownies or Girl Guides and striving to put yet another felt piece on your sash.
Mary Ann Moss was talking about making felt badges for the places she'd visited in Paris, ..parks, and museums...Now THAT'S a class I'll be following. I've had the time of my life following her through Paris after signing up for her "Remains of the Day" journal class. I have to thank Martha for pointing me in this direction. It really is so LIBERATING! Do yourself a favour and visit Mary Ann. She is generous beyond measure and a truly sweet spirit to have in your presence. I have honestly felt as though I've been in Paris in her pocket for the past few weeks.Now back to badges. I've been participating in with a bunch of my "gym buddies". Every time you do something noteworthy, you get a badge. I know you are wondering at the sanity of this reward, but it really works. Even if all it does is make you smile at the absurdity, it helps! Apparently just being here counts :)
If you exercise every day for two weeks you can get the "Regular" badge.

So that you don't lose your way, you are encouraged with an Exercise Buff Badge for working out three times a week for two weeks.

This one was pretty easy. You become an EXTROVERT if you have three friends. Lucky for me because I only HAVE three friends that are in this with me:)

The St. Bernard is not delivering whiskey, rather it's an exercise HOUND badge. Three times a week for FOUR weeks! I think this is definitely one of my preferred badges. Four weeks is a month!

Okay, so up until now, the badges were pretty innocuous. Then the other girls started heating up! I only got this badge recently. Burning lots of calories two weeks in a row. It may also be a factor that I sometimes forget to log in at this point and miss a meal or two :)
The scariest of all the badges! YOU'RE ON FIRE! Yikes. This is not about being able to build a fire like a girl guide, you are actually on fire. It starts in your thighs after 50 million squats!

Just as we approach the weekend, I get the One in a Million Badge. I think I got it because I'm the only one on the site that is fessing up to eating Cadbury Mini Eggs, and still getting badges. The fat kid on my sidebar suffered a set-back this week with no I'm sure this is bribery to keep me coming back next week.

I am SO going to try these badges in felt. We can plaster them on our workout pants! We're ON FIRE now! :)


  1. Leslie....glad you're doing well with the Lose it club. I fell off the wagon the first month and got to get back on the losing way. Definitely a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this felt badge idea...... I've just lost 10 pounds! I deserve a badge! (20 more to go)