Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is pretty much how it will be for me! I'll be off for a few days to meet up with my peeps in order to watch the festivities. While it won't involve crossing any oceans, it will involve food and libations. It will all be very Royal.

Enjoy the event of the year wherever it may find you!
See you when our eyes open after a very long night! :)

Hat Tip: Sharon L.


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  2. The Ritz Carleton is having 2 specials. One involves an overnight package...sorry, not in our budget...and we live close. The other is a special tea and viewing for the rest of us to join the overnight guests to watch the wedding in style. It's quite reasonable ($40) and promises to be beautiful (and early)...

  3. Just love those corgis. I will be getting up before dawn to watch the procedings in my very best nightgown. I'll wave to you.

  4. Funny! Hope you and your pals have a great time viewing The Wedding of the Decade. What will Prince William's tribute to his late mother be during the ceremony - keep the Kleenex handy, I know I will...


  5. I'm going to try to get up at a crack of dawn (or shall I stay up)to catch the Wedding of the Decade. But will definitely have to watch the rest on my PvR. Scheduled to tape three different channels (or was that four). Hopefully, I have enough space on my PVR.