Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What the horses know

Horses are to be respected. I usually keep my distance from them, knowing full well that they sense my deep reservation about being near their flanks...or any other part of them. You can see that this particular guy has his eye on me, right from the get go.

That beautiful eye with those amazing RED eyelashes! The only way I would ever know this is with a very long lens!

Here they come!

Rest now.....good horsey

A beautiful sunny Easter afternoon in the country. These are my cousin's horses at Wheeler's Pancake House and Maple Sugar Camp.

I can't wait to take Zoë here some day. They have a wonderful children's play area and the wagon ride looks thrilling :) We purchased the 4 litre size maple syrup. Liquid Gold! Pancakes anyone??


  1. Oh my .... yum! Drizzle that maple syrup over greek yogurt, add a good shake of cinnamon, and a bit of granola and/or nuts for crunch. A delicious, healthy treat -- one of my favourites.
    Love the horse photos, so beautiful and majestic.
    Speaking of "majestic" ... almost time for the wedding!

  2. Lennie,
    Greek Yogurt is actually on that diet I was doing...I have tried it, yes, and it is very wonderful. I shall add the syrup, the nuts etc. That's called breakfast!

  3. You had me thinking of my father and mother with this post. My dad loved horses so I thought of him as I studied your great photographs. Every Easter, my parents would give us a gift of maple syrup (the four litre size) so you had me thinking of both of them with your reference to Liquid Gold. Fond memories today thanks to you! Oh yes, could we please join you and Zoë on the wagon ride and in the play area with Wild Wyatt?

  4. Helen,
    Not only will you be joining me on that wagon ride, but I'm sure if Jane and Lori have anything to do with it, we'll all be at Red Pine too. Isn't Easter when you get your "tuck shop" money? If we are to perpetuate this tradition, we had best start applying now. How early do they take bookings at RPC??? Oh yes, wait till you see my Disney Cruise post! :)

  5. Disney Cruise....now you're talking my language! LOL
    The captain and I will sail on our third (and my fourth!) Disney Cruise later this year. Pure magic.

  6. According to all reports, it will be easier to get a booking with Disney Cruise Lines than accommodation at RPC. I guess we need to apply tonight. You are absolutely right about tuck shop money; a tradition Lo was fondly recalling this past weekend.