Sunday, May 29, 2011

In the arms of the angel...indeed

Spain is such a complicated country. On one hand you have the quick-to-anger and just as easily quick-to-smile Flamenco temperament. You have the spicy tapas tastes and the calm of the cooling bubbly Cava's. You have the vibrant colours in the genius of Gaudí, and the areas of total ordinary grey urbanity. At the moment there is utter contempt for the government and outrageous joy over the latest "football" championship. Spain is anything but just another country. It's enormously difficult to put into just have to "feel" a country like Spain.


  1. Oh my stars. I cannot put into words how stunning these photos are and how much joy they bring me. Just ... WOW.

  2. Love the images of the angels... and the food photos as well. It looks like you are filling up your eyes as well as your stomachs. That's always a good thing.