Monday, May 16, 2011

Just a quick walk around the block

from our apartment window

across the street

street fountain

Some big kids still like to try the kid's door in the toy store

A sneak peak at Gaudi

BYE BYE...I don't know what will happen tomorrow! Especially if Mamère's luggage has not arrived!

Luckily she had MY entire Barcelona wardrobe in her carry-on, so I'm all set to see the sights! Adios!


  1. OMG I can't believe your luggage has not arrived. Do you know when to expect it? Is it there now? Oh I am SO sorry love!!!

    Pictures are great. Glad you carried on the camera!

  2. Look at her!!!! What a big girl!
    Any word on the luggage yet.....

  3. Oh no, wait, perfect excuse to go shopping. tee hee.

  4. you have to be joking!!!!no luggage!!!
    I can think of a more distressing are so quick witted,that I am sure you will come out ahead of the game...little zoe looks adorable,cuter than EVER!!
    no need to brag about the weather,it has been raining since friday night!!!enjoy....

  5. Delightful photos - she is such a cute little one! You are surrounded by lots of wonderful things there, glad you are keeping the stiff upper lip re: your luggage!


  6. Already so pretty around the block!

    Wow, little Zoe is a big girl now. She is just too beautiful :)

    Good luck on the luggage, will be thinking of you! As Giovanna time!!!! Yay!!!

  7. Yessss, wonderful sights, especially of Zoë. I hope that your luggage problem has been solved. No time to shop as tempting as it might be!