Monday, May 23, 2011

La Pedrera

The little family have returned to Belgium and now the adult tour begins.

Whenever you think of Gaudí's "La Pedrera" you think about these chimneys.

When you are on the street looking up at the building you feel that the people who are up on the roof are purposely trying to ruin your shot by lingering near the edge of the facade.

In actual fact, when you take the tour, you are given the option of waiting in a very long line for an elevator to the top floor, or walking the eight flights. We opted for the walk-up. Eight Spanish flights is more like Eighteen...something lost in translation??? We likely should have waited in line :) Once you get up there, of course you are intent on lingering by the edge...that's the best photo vantage point AND you've earned the opportunity, not to mention the time to gasp!

There is always someone else sitting on adjacent roof tops that you can only get close to if you make the climb.

Darth Vader inspiration? Notice the colour of the sky in all of the pictures.

My nephew Mark and I have been planning a trip for such a long time, and now it's finally here. We are seeing quite a different side of the city from last week's adventures with baby Zoë. We will happily do it again with her when she is ten years old! I will be the one on the elevator then.

Another of Gaudí's masterpieces on our list of things to see... Sagrada Família

After you finish marveling at the structures and view from the roof, you wind down through the darkened edifice with your audio guide and learn about the finer details of the theories, methods, and talents of Antoni Gaudí.

There is a wonderful furnished floor, showing the apartment where the Milà family lived in 1912.

La Casa Milà is described as "A Work of "Total art""

Totally astounding and overwhelmingly inspiring. You come out on stimulation overload and awe!


  1. Great colors. Very refreshing. I'll return to some of these throughout my day. It's beautiful here too.

  2. The architecture is just extraordinary. And the sky too. Wish I were there with you. I applaud your stair trek to the top!

  3. Amazing pictures. I feel like we are there. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Leslie. These are excellent. It brings back memories. What a great city! Did you go to the antique/flea market yet?

  5. Truly awe inspiring - and I'll bet you can't sleep at night. Don't you wonder if the Mila family were as inspired as you were? What would it be like to live in that amazing home?

  6. Your photographs take my breath away. My family have seen them and you have inspired all of us to visit
    Barcelona!!! Thank-you so much for posting them!!!