Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zoë! A Carousel

Oh Zoë look! It's a wonderful carousel!

Yes, some of the horses do look a little frisky, let's find a quiet one

She looks rather demure, let's try this one!

We'd best be getting on the ride, it's getting a little late!

It's really difficult to chose just the perfect seat

The balloon seat looks really nice too!

Okay, Mummy says this one will be fine, but I'm not sure what is going to happen

Oh my gosh! It's going to move!!!

It's moving! Up and down and round and round! Yeah!

I think I'm really catching on to this now! We're all moving together!

Yyyyyiiiiippppppeeeeeeee!!! I LOVE this!

Just as I'm getting the hang of it, it would seem we are slowing down!

What a nice ride. I loved it. I was the only little girl on the carousel today! Barcelona!


  1. What a colourful post, and that little girl...beautiful. It is quite evident that you are enjoying every minute. I hope you are sporting a new wardrobe if your old togs have not arrived. Surely they have by now, but if not, you will have to shop til you drop, Barcelona-style!

  2. What a wonderful moment to cherish watching Zoë enjoy herself. The colours are so vivid - O Barcelona!!!


  3. Oh yes everyone! Not to worry the bags arrived. Some 32 hours later, at 10:30 at night our bags were delivered to our apartment. So now we are off to the races! The weather is sunshine and a light cooling breeze. Couldn't be more temperate. Today is the day that Mark and Michael go on a bike ride and Jane and I head off for the antique and flea markets! We will be wearing our pants!

  4. I think this carousel ride might have been the highlight of Zoë's life so far. She was screeching and smiling and laughing the whole time. Just precious.

  5. Woops, that last comment should have been from me - we are sharing computers here and getting our accounts mixed up!

  6. What sheer abandon and delight in her face. Mama looks pretty happy,too. Moments to remember.

  7. What a special time for you to share with your girls. They look so happy! BTW, glad to hear about your luggage - one of the reasons why he insists we travel with carry-ons only.
    Lauren A.

  8. Enjoying your photos. What's not to like about seeing someone with sheer delight on their face at the simplicity of a carousel ride. Perfect!

  9. What a treat to see the world again through a child's eyes. Sheer delight!