Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quite the Duo

Jill Barber and her unmistakable contralto voice. She's vintage, she's jazzy, she's bluesy, and she's ours.

Her latest album, "Mischievous Moon" has been the #1 selling jazz record in Canada since its release in early April.

Michael Kaeshammer and Jill are a duo worth watching.


  1. Thank goodness my music muse is on the ball. I'd never heard of this duo (no big surprise there), but I really enjoyed watching and listening to them.

  2. I never hear Moon River without thinking of dancing in the gymnasium of Nepean High School, sometimes to music by Wilf Stebner and his band. Jill Barber does a lovely job with this favourite. Didn't we see her with our friend Stuart?

  3. Helen,
    Wilf Stebner!!! OMG - ONLY YOU could ever recall that one! You must have been on the dance committee!:) Wonder what ever happened to old Wilf...he was old then!!!

    Jill has come a long way since we last saw her with Stuart McLean. She now has a full and talented band and has some great new material on her latest album.