Sunday, May 1, 2011

A wedding story of another sort

When you arrive at the Royal Residence, the scene is already spectacularly set

The courtyard flowers are in bloom and standing at attention

Why, it almost looks like a chapel ready for a Royal Wedding!

This "Fascinator" is the real deal

The following are just plain fascinating!:)

Even the Royal Mice are proud to be helping out

The Royal Invitation

The Royal Bubbly

The Royal china

The Royal Tea Sandwiches. Egg, Curried Chicken, Salmon Salad, Cream Cheese and Cherry

The Royal Cupcakes. Lemon and Strawberry Cream

The Royal Scones. Of course served with Clotted cream, Strawberry Jam and Fresh Strawberries.

The Royal Teapot came appropriately dressed

It was so kind of the Royal Couple to make an appearance! We loved having them by the fireplace

The fireplace was handy as it was a bit nippy on the wedding morning

Morning was breaking as the wedding vows were being performed

After a wonderful early morning wedding ceremony, it's always good (as my fitness instructor says), to rise slowly, open your eyes and make sure you recognize everyone around you.

The Royal Horts!


  1. Where did you have your celebration? It looked so dramatically stark and cold outside and cozy chic inside. Very respectable fascinators in your crowd. I was attired in a flannel gown with a serviette on my head. Really fascinating...

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  3. Somehow, I deleted my first comment, so, here I go again, a bit more wordy.
    Here's what I loved and not so much..
    1. The Royal Horts...perfect
    2. The party sandwiches..look yummy, any leftovers?
    3. The Royal Champagne Glasses.. not sure this is accurate. In these times of austerity, can the Royal family really afford Champagne for so many. And, if so, where do they keep all that loot?
    Hearing the happy couple say their vows reminded me of my vows, as does every wedding. I wish for them the same kind of life and love and wonderful children and now grand children that Susy and I have had. And, if they're ever in Mississauga, they are invited over as long as Leslie does the catering.

  4. Where is a picture of you? I want to see your chapeau but otherwise what a lovely way to spend a morning with friends.

  5. The celebrations were held in Collingwood, and it was first light when the photos were taken.

    The photographer can hardly be expected to have open eyes at that time let alone show her hat. My hat was the tiara on the scones.

    The happy couple couldn't afford the talented horts catering:) It's always a group effort and believe me, it takes a VILLAGE!

  6. You all celebrated royally, it seems! Must have been a blast - indeed, the fascinators were every bit as divine as those seen in Westminster Abbey. Glad you all got together - BTW, I see were the bride and groom plan a trip to Canada in 3 mos. time. The Baby Bump Watch starts...NOW!!


  7. Thanks for preserving our fun celebration so perfectly Leslie. It was a fun celebration with good friends and a memory we'll continue to celebrate in the years to come.

  8. I love the Fascinators. I was up at 6am and taped various channels of the Royal Wedding and off to work. I love the party sandwiches; champagne glasses and the cupcakes looked scrumpstious. You gals really went all out. Hope you had a blast.

  9. Oh, what fun to celebrate the Royal Nuptials in such style! I watched everything in the hotel while I was ironing my dress for David and Leigh's wedding. My one regret? No fascinator. But my niece wore a fabulous burgundy one. What a weekend....