Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Barcelona Seagull

The story behind this funny little pan of Barcelona from the the main department store "El Corte Inglés" starts with Lennie telling me about another of her famous iPhone apps.

This one is Super 8. It's a little video camera that functions like an old Super 8 movie camera...all grainy and bumpy. It will remind you of the home movies taken in the 50's and 60's. I was quite enthusiastic because I didn't have a video function on my big Canon.

In search of a coffee after perusing all 8 floors we ended up in the restaurant at the top and just like in Paris, found a perfect panorama from a department store window. The table we chose happened to have a rather truculent seagull on the window ledge, who, No WAY, No HOW was going to look at my camera! Until...the very end!

I've added some Xavier Coll music as my score...the song is Cataluña. The seagull performed perfectly!


  1. It's the ending that holds it all together. That's so sweet. I like the app. I kept thinking I was going to see my uncle behind his camera and my cousins would parade out in Easter clothes.

  2. This makes me smile each time I watch it.

  3. Loved the movie, but, for all of us from that time frame, a few thing you youngins' need to know. First, that 3 minutes is an entire roll of film. Cost, around $10 in the seventies, so, not cheap. To put it in perspective, I earned around $15,000 a year back then, so, $10 is around $100. Second, no one shot Super 8 rolls that weren't jerky. Quality Super 8 is supposed to make the viewer feel sea sick. And, lastly, I still have a Super 8 projector that works, if anyone wants to borrow it. We have since converted all of our Super 8 film to DVD.

  4. @Elliot
    I'll go over the things on my desk. I must have a research project for you.

  5. Hah!! Right on cue, that gull takes direction quite this and the "special effects" along with it. Dana, I hear ya. I recall the movies of Christmas morning as a little kid. Memories...


  6. Thank you for sharing all of your trip to Spain, the food, the art, and the nostalgia for old home movies!

  7. My recollection of Super 8 movies was being blinded by the spot lights that were required to take indoor movies. Everyone was always squinting and the Christmas morning movies are testament to the technology of the time - could it be that Mr. Seagull was familiar with the blinding lights?