Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Bridal Tea continued....

Chapter Two
Curiouser and Curiouser

Just as I was about to post about what we ate at the Bridal Tea, the "inside" workers set up such a hue and cry that I was forced to give them the credit they so utterly deserve.

I was reminded by a certain tea-toting kitty that all that silver didn't polish itself you know!

I'm sure it was the same apron clad feline that sparkled up the glasses for the champagne toast.

The leaping frogs became hysterical at how much attention the cat was getting and pointed out that they had an enormous amount to do with outfitting tea cups with flower arrangements.

They had no trouble leaping about and croaking loudly about their fantastic work.

The hedgehogs became terribly indignant that they had not been properly lauded for having tied all the bows, despite having problems with their tiny toes.

One little rabbit, who was still dashing around, wondered if anyone had noticed his stellar contribution of having all the clocks properly stopped at 6. The clocks are always at 6. It's tea time!

The door mouse was just waking up and still pondering her next chess move, while all the commotion swirled around her. I promise that all the help have been properly thanked and made to feel very much appreciated.

Did someone say it's time for tea???

And what did we eat? Perhaps tomorrow?


  1. SO very clever, Leslie! You certainly spent a great deal of care and attention to the setting of this event. Love it, love it, charming teacup arrangements, funny frogs and more. Elegant and whimsical at the same time...delightful!


  2. You are amazing my dear!

  3. You know how to set the scene properly for a story. We eagerly await chapter 3!