Thursday, June 16, 2011


For some time now, (telling you exactly how long would reveal how truly bad we are), every Tuesday evening, the Professor and I, along with a group of friends have been taking Ballroom Line Dancing Lessons. We don't seem to progress EVER. It's like anything else, unless you practice, you don't get too far. It's hard to imagine finding the room in "The Cottage" to perfect our bombastic moves, and taking it out to the driveway is unrealistic.

Last week, our teacher was involved in a production and wanted to show us her new dance. We all loved the music and decided it might be worth a try. This video is NOT our class, and I have to say that we may will never reach this level of hip movement.

The Professor says this is not a dance that men can do. Notice in the front row...MAN, doing really well, AND he has big feet, which, he has managed to tame!

He says that he'll try really hard to get this dance and do it like the guy, if I manage to get into that little black dress/silver shoe number dancing beside him! :)

Now I have to see the movie...another Love this piece by Cher.

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  1. Wow! What great moves...this looks like some of the line dances I've seen at country/western gay bars. Could be COMPLETELY wrong on this popint, but your friend in the fromt row would PROBABLY not be TOTALLY out of place dancing in such a venue...