Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Cardinal Rule

The Cardinal rule around our house these days is, use the back door if at all possible. A pair of wonderful, but undoubtedly a bit dumb, Cardinal parents have nested in the lush (for now) climbing hydrangea attached to the downspout above our mailbox. This causes all sorts of excitement and frenzy with normal daily activities, such as leaving the house, collecting the mail and/or any other movement in the courtyard.

Papa Cardinal...otherwise known as "Wolsey", as I couldn't think of any other Cardinals when we first came eye to eye.

Mama Cardinal, who by default had to be "Richelieu", the only other Cardinal I remember...which surprises me because I think that was grade 8!

This is the sequence. Fly to the trees. Screech out the morning diatribe. Fly to the roof of the garage as the "eminent" warning.

If things are looking dangerous, ruffle your feathers and make eye contact on the fence! You could also remind the homeowners to dust the cobwebs off the railings when the "kids" arrive.

This is a warning. I'm feet on the ground and my next move is into the foyer! Close the door and go out the back!


  1. That's quite the little strut Richelieu displays there in the courtyard. Cardinals are the best and becoming quite bold I find, compared to those of yesteryears. Your experience is proof of that.

  2. Great pix Leslie. Despite the inconvenience I'm sure you're going to enjoy observing this fascinating little family. You'll be surprised at the involvement of the male.

  3. How are they doing now? it's been two weeks =o)