Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monkey Business

Charles E. Funk, who wrote:
"One monkey arouses a great deal of amusement. Two or more then double the...amusement. If one were to release a barrelful...of monkeys, we must suppose that their antics would become hilariously comical."
.... is likely correct.

It's true!

It all started with Mary Ann Moss and her on-line classes. There are always references to chimps because Mary Ann teaches children :)

Then her sister, Carol {aka Tall Tales from Kansas}, got into the act, and really stirred things up....literally. My kinda woman is one whose sidebar picture is one of her and a martini!!! There is always something hilariously comical going on over there, don't miss it!

So I dusted off my vintage collection of shakers....

Got myself over to the 'Government Dairy' to stock up on supplies...and have been creating 'Chocolate Monkeys' ever since!

These "vintage" pictures of my provisions are to celebrate the Professor's memories of chocolate banana milk shakes at the Dairy Queen on Richmond Road!
It's funnier than a barrel of monkeys for sure!

Monkey: Georges Seurat


  1. did you help yourself to a few martinis before writing this post???
    very creative leslie...I must say!

    I will be awaiting my first taste!


  2. doesn't look like THAT much dust could be found on those shakers. A chocolate banana milkshake sounds delightful on a hot summer's day!


  3. When does the party start?


  4. I like your vintage shakers! I bought one in an antique store one time and when I started shaking I had a martini rainshower over my head. I like to give a good floorshow when I shake a martini up. Oh the simple pleasures in life. The summer is made for them!

  5. I hope your bestie Dana has told you about The Hour, a wonderful cocktail paraphernalia shop in Old Town Alexandria!