Friday, June 10, 2011

Off to Paris

We're off to Paris this evening. Well, we're off to see Woody Allen's version of Paris. Apparently Owen Wilson plays Woody better than Woody plays Woody, which, in some respects may not be too difficult :)

I'm sure we'll see bits of Paris that we haven't had the time to get to. I love this sort of armchair travel, but it does give one ideas!


  1. This is a fabulous movie. Make sure you go. We went after dinner and had to attend the 10:10 showing. This is rather late for suburban folks. The theatre was packed! It is such a fun summer movie. If you have been to Paris you'll love it, and if you have not been to Paris, you'll be inspired to go. If you go, make sure you invite me along :) Giving this all thumbs up.

  2. I would never have imagined Owen Wilson playing Woody, but as soon as you see the trailer, you wonder how anyone else could ever play him. I've got to see this one. (Thanks oh Muse of Culture).