Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She's Back!

This morning's chore was to fertilize the annuals. Just opening the back patio doors allowed a waft of the most heady fragrant scent. The Persian Lilac is in full bloom and has a spectacular show this year. After spending more time than necessary smelling the various blooms, I decided to get at the task of feeding and watering.

Just through the side gate, something startled under the huge pine tree. THE RABBIT! The one that got away with NO CARD in the camera! She/He's back!

She moved off just far enough to still be in camera range, but safe from any untoward advances I might make. Shot from over the arm of the garden bench.

She must realize that all I want is a little picture. It would be nice to get her little white tail, but I don't want her to go that far!

Now she's becoming quite the camera hog! Doesn't seem to mind at all, as I circle the pine tree skirt in my most delicate tiptoe manoeuvrings.

She seems quite used to the paparazzi by now, and graciously poses, just one more shot. Face to face. Keeping eyes on each other.

Quietly away now. Make sure the window well covers are on securely, otherwise there may be little bunnies down the rabbit hole!

I want to find this movie! Perhaps my rabbit has been a movie star?


  1. The bunnies are certainly welcome in my backyard as well. The skunk we saw last night, not as much. I guess we will have to scan the yard before we let Karamel out or we may have a problem.

  2. Beautiful :) I saw a rabbit in my backyard once in awhile too. Haven't seen her (or him?) this year yet. We didn't seem to communicate too well cause I told her not to eat my cucumber (the one and only one) I planted last year but it was gone the next day!!!

  3. Aren't there cats in the neighbourhood that chase the rabbits away? You never could have taken those shots when Kizzy was around!

  4. Great photos, does the bunny treat your garden like a salad bar, too?
    Lilacs are so wonderful and fragrant - never saw 'em growing until I moved to DC, as TX is too far South. My Grandmother had the nicest gardenias, however.