Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This year's ice cream truck song

The ice cream truck is playing a new song this year.

Frank Mills' "Music Box Dancer" was one of Jane's favourite songs when she was about 3 years old. Recently, we have been practicing action songs with little Zoë. She excels at "Skinamarinkydinkydinkskinamarinkydo...I Love YOU!!", and can do a very good version of "Sur le Pont D'Avignon" complete with a bilingual curtsey and bow.

I was very amused to see this version of the Music Box Dancer, performed by The Wiggles. Fortunately, we haven't gotten into Wiggles yet, but I imagine this would be exactly how Zoë would interpret this dance. There are portions where you just can't control yourself and have to become a maniacal dancer, turning, turning, turning, and sudden explosive jumping -- all part of the interpretation at this age. Clapping after the performance is de rigeur. That's often the best part!

I shall have to get Jane to practice this with Zoë for our next Skype session! I'm sure a video will follow :) I'll even buy those wings!!


  1. How adorable. Looking forward to Zoë's unique interpretation before long. That little top knot will be a-bouncin'.

  2. Ok, I don't know what those Wiggles are thinking, but their interpretation is completely silly - who dances to that song by sedately waving your arms in the air? The only one in that video who has it right is the kid!!!

    And for the record, this is the song that used to play on TV Ontario while it wasn't broadcasting, so the backdrop to the song was the famous test pattern! It would come on after the last kids show of the day, and also early in the morning before the programming started. So OF COURSE, 3-year-old me would get up and dance and twirl whenever it came on. First of all, there was nothing to see on TV while it played, and Secondly it either meant that the shows were about to start or that I better find something else to watch before I got stuck watching the Jim Lehrer News Hour! If that's not enough to get a kid dancing I don't know what is!

  3. Cute little kid!! Rather trippy little video, I was afraid that the dinosaur in the tutu was gonna knock out a male dance with her tail. This song came out around the time that the song "Popcorn" came out, I think.