Saturday, June 4, 2011

Time for window shopping

In the old part of Barcelona, it's fun to wander through the maze of tight alleys. Some of the windows are right at kid eye-level. This may portend a particular favourite of mine...JEWELS!

Then again, how clever to have a Spanish smurf game at kid-level!

I think I should find out about this shop.

I wonder if they speak English. Wait a minute...I don't even speak English yet!

Anybody?? Is it siesta time?? Just wanting to check a price here!! I see they have a SCRABBLE game too! Mamère would love that. Anybody????

Oh my goodness!!! Can you believe the prices in this place!???

So here's the good news. Even if you can't afford what is IN the window, you can admire what is reflected in the window.

The bigger girls are looking at the windows higher up! Time for tea!

Well, this group may be smiling on La Rambla, but I'm twirling my hair after a very busy day of running up and down the streets of Barcelona!

This group has promised to come back in 9 years, when I will be ten. They say by then I should appreciate the finer points of touring and fine dining. Looks good from where I'm sitting!


  1. I don't blame her for being more interested in the Smurfs than the Jewels! We'll have to take her to the comic strip museum here in Brussels...

  2. She's a born shopper. And just so stinking cute.

  3. Zoe is just too adorable. Love her hair and her pink outfit!

  4. Adorable to the max!! Never too early to exercise those shopping muscles...


  5. Maddy and I are thrilled there is another SHOPPER in the family...she is just so adorable in her little pink outfit.